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Why we love JRMF

Yellow and orange quadrilaterals arranged into three, flower-like shapes

Math Like Never Before

Sometimes, it looks like math is all about boring calculations and headaches. We're here to show that there is another side of math — one full of fun, laughter, and beauty.

A light blue tandem bike

Joy of Collaboration

Math is usually a solitary or competitive activity. Our festivals bring people together to collaboratively work on fun and meaningful problems. We create a community around joyful math.

A magnifying glass over a blue butterfly, revealing a flower-like shape made of blue and purple quadrilaterals.

Delight of Discovery

Math is more about the journey than the destination. We show students that they have the power to make their own discoveries and chart their own paths through the learning process.

An illustration of a telescope

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JRMF Today

There is a colorful festival tent with blue, yellow, red, and green vertical stripes. The tent flap is open, and inside, there is the JRMF logo.

JRMF Online Math Festival

Join us for our Online Math Festival. In this Zoom-meeting-meets-video-game environment, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with other math explorers as you all journey through some of our favorite games, puzzles, and activities led by trained facilitators.

There are three green ovals in a row in the center. On the green oval on the left, there is a yellow, upside-down solo cup. On the green oval on the right, there are two, upside-down solo cups stacked on one another. The cup on the bottom is orange and the cup on the top is red. There is red arrow along the bottom of the green ovals that hops from the right oval, to the middle oval, to the left oval. There is a red border around

Cup Stacking

Can you find a way to stack every cup?

A purple bird on the JRMF logo

Pandemic Playtime: How the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Saved My Life

by Lauren Rose, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Bard College, Chair-Elect of the MAA Special Interest Group on Math Circles for Students and Teachers