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Yellow and orange quadrilaterals arranged into three, flower-like shapes

Math Like Never Before

Sometimes, it looks like math is all about boring calculations and headaches. We're here to show that there is another side of math — one full of fun, laughter, and beauty.

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Joy of Collaboration

Math is usually a solitary or competitive activity. Our festivals bring people together to collaboratively work on fun and meaningful problems. We create a community around joyful math.

A magnifying glass over a blue butterfly, revealing a flower-like shape made of blue and purple quadrilaterals.

Delight of Discovery

Math is more about the journey than the destination. We show students that they have the power to make their own discoveries and chart their own paths through the learning process.

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Free math game when you host a math festival

Host a Math Festival in 2022 — and Win a Free Game

We want to support 222 math festivals in 2022, and we need YOUR help to make it happen! Register to host a festival in your community (online or in-person!) and we'll send you a FREE math game. It's our way of saying thank you for creating more magical math moments.

There is a red trapezoid that looks like a fast food container. There are seven, brown chicken nuggets coming out of the top of the container. There is a light blue border around the outside.

Nuggets for Sale

Can you figure out how to score the most free nuggets at Nuggetville?

How to run a math festival in your community with graphic of person holding phone with "DIY Math Festival Planner" on the screen

How to run a math festival in your community

A math festival is a one-time event where children gather and explore math through puzzles and games.