Good Problems

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Explore a collection of problems that are good for developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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Good Problems
There is a cover of a light purple booklet. There are 8 images on the booklet arranged in 3 columns. In the left column from top to bottom, there is a stack of red and white disks labeled Arithmetic Series, the steps of a staircase labeled with the numbers 9 through 13 labeled 105, and a timer labeled Egg Timer. In the middle column from top to bottom, there is an image of two police officers labeled Tax Man and a black-and-white photo of skyscrapers from above labeled Skyscrapers. In the right column, there is a red 51 in a red circle labeled Sum of 51, a black 7 on a yellow background labeled How Many 7's, and a photo of a marching band wearing red outfits labeled Marching Band.