Classroom Visits


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Do you want to provide a fun, safe, and stress-free experience for your students during math class?

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival is now bringing joyful math to your classroom.

We will lead your class through a virtual math game or puzzle that will teach collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving.

And did we mention it's FUN and FREE?

These one-time events are for one hour and will be held on Zoom or Google Meet, and allow your students to learn play-based math. They will be led by a staff member at the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival or a trained high school volunteer.

What are the benefits of inviting JRMF into your class?

  1. Show play-based math to your students.

    Kids mostly learn math sitting down, silently, using pencil and paper. In comparison, our classroom visits allow students to tackle activities with their own creativity and perseverance — not memorized formulas or procedures.

    Why does this matter? Play-based learning strengthens physical, cognitive, social and emotional health. Self-directed exploration increases a student’s creativity and problem-solving skills. JRMF activities are both playful and educational.

  2. Teach collaboration and celebrate connections.

    Math is often seen as an individual activity, one where you succeed and fail on your own. During our activities, we want students to talk and collaborate with one another. Our trained volunteers and staff love interacting and engaging with students as they work on one of our activities. What results is a fun, communal atmosphere (that also enhances social and verbal skills).

  3. Take a break on lesson planning.

    We know COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on educators. We want to help alleviate some stress and bring joy to you and your students. Our lessons are free to you, and require very little time commitment to set up. You’ll also learn how to facilitate a JRMF activity on your own, so you can continue teaching joyful math after our visit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades do you visit?

Our classroom visits are geared toward grades 3-8, but we are open to visiting anyone in the K-12 system.

Math activities from the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival are “low-floor, high-ceiling,” meaning students as young as 6 and as old as 100 can find our math fun and challenging.

What types of activities will you do with the students?

We can complete one activity during a one-hour class. Teachers can choose which activity they would like out of our recommended activities on our website. We are also happy to make suggestions!

What is the cost for a classroom visit?

Classroom visits are free for Title 1 schools in the U.S!

Not part of a Title 1 school but still interested in having us visit your class? We are happy to accommodate you, but request a $250 donation to the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival for our time.

Will I need to provide anything for the visit?

Classes should have Chromebooks (or similar tech — preferably not iPads) available for each student, as well as headphones.

We also ask all teachers to provide a class list, as well as demographic data about class. We request the ability to collect pre- and post-event surveys from the kids. This data helps us improve and share our outcomes with our funding partners.

Request a Classroom Visit

Interested in bringing us into your classroom? Fill out the form below with your information, and someone will be in touch!