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The Math Problem

Math Anxiety is Real

Up to 93% of Americans experience math anxiety — and kids with a fear of math perform worse at the subject.

Inequalities Persist

Girls and students of color enter STEM and tech careers at a drastically lower rate.

Math isn't Fun

School curricula focus on memorization and formulas, not problem solving and collaboration.

STEM Shortages Continue

The U.S. will be short 1.1 million STEM workers by 2024.

Math is a Solo Sport

Math is often seen as an individual activity, one where you succeed and fail on your own.

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Rohini at a recent math festival

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Our Solution: A Magical Approach to Math

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF) envisions a world where every child celebrates math.

We are making this world a reality through math festivals.

The Math Festival Difference

Our math festivals help:

  • Build confidence
  • Promote inclusion
  • Inspire joy
  • Value play
  • Create community

When children attend our math festivals, they connect, create, and build together. They learn the limitless possibilities of math, solving complex problems that can change the world.

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The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival is a fiscally sponsored project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs.