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We are excited to host the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival at Feynman School on April 3rd from 2 PM to 4 PM. This is an event offered to 3rd through 8th-grade students across the region in which students play with mathematics. Students explore individually or in groups, share insights, and make discoveries. Our faculty will elicit logical processes for approaching, exploring, or problem-solving. We strive to ask questions rather than provide suggestions or answers. Success is not measured by the number of problems solved nor students’ speed, but rather by how long students stick with activities and by the breadth and depth of their explorations and insights.

Festival activities are designed to open doors to higher mathematics for 3rd through 8th-grade students.

About JRMF

A Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival offers students advanced and thought-provoking mathematics in a social and cooperative atmosphere. Students choose among several tables offering problem sets, games, or puzzles with mathematical themes. They work as long as they wish, while a facilitator provides support and encouragement. Motivation comes from the social interaction, rather than from any prize, grade, medal, or ranking. Festivals are run locally and supported by a national network. They can address any level of student, from those struggling with mathematics to those soaring in achievement.