Facilitate a Festival


Facilitator Checklist

Whether you're looking to become a JRMF facilitator or already planning to facilitate at an upcoming JRMF festival, follow the checklist below to be the best facilitator you can.

  • If you aren't already planning on being a facilitator, check for upcoming festivals on our Events page to see if there are any festivals in your area looking for facilitators.
  • Read our general facilitating guide, which you can find here.
  • Read the facilitating guide for the specific activity you are planning on facilitating. You can find a facilitating guide for each of our activities on our Puzzles & Games page. Here is an example of one of our activity-specific facilitating guides.
  • Check in with your festival host about potential opportunities for facilitator training.
  • Join the larger JRMF community at one of our weekly facilitator trainings. We may not be covering the exact activity that you will be facilitating, but you will meet passionate, thoughtful educators who have a wealth of insights to share on how to be a successful facilitator. You can register for our weekly events here.
  • Practice your facilitating skills at one of our monthly Math Circles or monthly Online Math Festivals. You can always start by observing student-facilitator interactions at our events and move into facilitating yourself when you're comfortable.
  • Reach out to us at info@jrmf.org for extra support.