How to Host a Festival

Become a Festival Organizer

The JRMF organization offers Festival Organizers:

  • A registration system
  • Advice on seeking local funding and recruiting facilitators
  • Help selecting problem sets from our databank of over 100 activities
  • Copy and logos for advertising, banners, and printed materials
  • Training support for facilitators

Festival Organizers are responsible for finalizing the:

  • Date of event
  • Time of event
  • Location of event
  • Cost of event

What are the requirements for a Festival?

  • Most of the problems and activities for the festival must come from the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival.
  • There must be mathematical facilitators who support and encourage students during the problem-solving process.
  • There must be time and space for facilitator training.
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What is a Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival?

A Festival is an event at which students play with mathematics. Typically, there are a dozen or more tables, each with a facilitator and a problem set, game, puzzle, or activity. Students play and explore individually or in groups, share insights, and make discoveries. Facilitators elicit logical processes for approaching, exploring, or solving problems. The facilitator strives to ask questions rather than provide suggestions or answers. Success is not measured by the number of problems solved nor students’ speed, but rather by how long students stick with activities and by the breadth and depth of their explorations and insights.

Festival activities are designed to open doors to higher mathematics for K–12 students, doors that are not at the top of the stairs, but right at street level.

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Resources for New Hosts

After signing up as a New Host (for which there is no cost), you will have access to exclusive resources and be provided with timely answers to your questions. Browse the frequently asked questions (FAQ) for answers to questions typically asked by first time hosts and people considering hosting an event.