Host a Festival


Register Your Festival

At JRMF, we are always happy and available to help you plan your JRMF math festival. We provide free consultations on the logistics of your festival and supply a wide array of free and purchasable resources, including student activity guides, facilitator guides, game pieces and manipulatives, festival decorations, and more. You can also read below for a brief summary of what is involved in hosting your own JRMF math festival. Whether or not you're looking for help, please reach out to us at with to register your event so that we at JRMF can learn more about how our services are being used and continue to improve them. We thank you for supporting our work at JRMF and helping to spread fun, meaningful math to students all over the world.

Find a Venue

The first step to planning your math festival is to find a venue. The optimal math festival location is a large space with room for walking around, like an auditorium or cafeteria. You will also need easy access to multiple tables and chairs; this is where students will engage in JRMF activities. It is also ideal to set aside some free space for our always-popular walking puzzles, which you can purchase from our store.


Once you have chosen a venue and date for your festival, you will need to get the word out. If you reach out to us, we can provide you with some high resolution versions of our logos and icons for advertising purposes. When advertising, be sure to clearly highlight the date and the location of the event. It is also helpful to set up event registration through Google forms, Eventbrite, or another event management system.

In addition to advertising to potential participants for your event, be aware that you will also need to advertise to potential facilitators. The ideal facilitator has a background in education and/or mathematics, but with a little training, any adult who enjoys working with kids, has a passion for facilitating fun learning experiences, and has an open mind would make for a successful facilitator.

Festival Materials

JRMF activities provide students a play-based, discovery-based mathematical learning experience. We have found that the best way to foster play and discovery is to allow students to explore our activities through tactile, visual mediums, which include game pieces, building materials, crafting supplies, cards, dice, and other manipulatives. You can purchase many of these mediums through our store, and if there is something you are looking for that we don't have, we would be happy to recommend our favorite place to purchase it.

In addition to manipulatives, JRMF also provides student activity guides, facilitator guides, and festival decorations to help your festival be as successful as possible.

Train Facilitators

The most successful festivals provide training opportunities for facilitators. We recommend setting up at least one 1-hour meeting prior to the event to allow festival facilitators to engage with the activities ahead of time. During this meeting, facilitators should learn the activities they will be facilitating, think about how they will guide students through their activities, practice, and receive supporting materials that they can reference later, like facilitator guides.

Festival Setup

The host of a festival is responsible for ensuring that the festival space is set up and ready for students by the start time of the festival. This includes setting up tables and chairs, distributing activity materials to their appropriate tables, putting up festival decorations (optional), coordinating with and managing facilitators, and assigning a greeter to the entrance of the space so that every student walks in to a smile. This latter task is commonly taken on by the host.

Give Us Feedback

After your festival is over, we would love to hear how it went. Please reach out to us at with details of what worked, what didn't, how many students and facilitators were a part of the event, which activities were your festival-goers favorites, and anything else that you'd like to share. We are always working on improving our offerings and services, and we always appreciate feedback for how we can be doing a better job. We hope you have a wonderful JRMF festival experience!