Host a Festival


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A math festival is a one-time event where children gather and explore math through puzzles and games.

Math festivals promote:

  • Agency A math festival is a celebration of student independence.
  • Engagement — Students “get their hands dirty” with a variety of activities.
  • Collaboration — Regardless of age, ethnicity or background, everyone is there to celebrate math.

What It Takes to Host a Festival


In person or on our virtual festival platform

How much?

$0-500, depending on the size and types of activities you choose.

Prep time?

2-20 hours, depending on the festival model you choose.

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Hosting a festival is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Steps to Host a Festival

Hear It From Our Hosts

"[The kids] all enjoyed the open-ended nature of the problems, and they have undoubtedly become stronger and more confident problem solvers as a result. Often they have gone away to continue the problems in their own time at home, which certainly doesn't happen with their regular homework tasks!” - Dan Whelan
"There were kids who love math from all over the metropolitan area, and a lot more kids who hate math but who had been coerced by their parents into coming. The most amazing thing was that they ALL loved it, and ALL had a blast, and you couldn't tell who was who." - Sikimeti Ma'u
"Thank you for all your help in organizing the first virtual JRMF event in our school district. The festival was a tremendous success and we received great feedback. We had a total of 98 participants. We conducted a poll at the end of both days and received mostly 5 star ratings from everyone." - Rithvik Sriram
"I could not have imagined how wonderful the math festival was going to be. Parents who attended were so happy their students were able to experience something so fun, dynamic and educational. I heard thank you so many times that day and it was clear that JRMF has to be an annual event at Murphy! The Julia Robinson Math Festival is inspiring, uplifting and encouraging." - Catherine Malicdem