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Giving Tuesday logo over photo of girl playing Tower of Hanoi

3 Reasons to Support the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival on #GivingTuesday

Tuesday, Nov. 30, is #GivingTuesday, and the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival is here for the party.

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American Mathematics Society Spotlight

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Screenshot of two students on Zoom call during the math festival.

Festival Spotlight: USGS, Mumbai

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Pandemic Playtime: How the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Saved My Life

Image is of Professor Paul Zeitz, sitting in a hanging chair on a wooden deck. He is holding onto his dog's color. The dog is black, brown and white. It is sunny and Paul is wearing a dark blue shirt,  jeans, and brown athletic shoes. He is a caucasian middle-aged male with short brown hair.

A Life-Changing Revelation: Problems vs. Exercises

Press Coverage
A school gym with long white tables surrounded by chairs. Students sit at the tables with teachers and work on JRMF activities. There's an American Flag on the wall and some high windows with brown squares between the windows and the ceiling.

The Opposite of Math Circles

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JRMF staffer, Rena Chen, joins 7 students from Saudi Arabia on a Zoom call. Each attendee is in a separate square. There are 4 males and 4 females, 3 of the females are wearing head scarves. 2 are wearing glasses.

MAA Focus: Despite Pandemic JRMF Expands Around the World

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An African American man and boy sit at a table. On the table is a checkerboard with yellow and red discs and a king chess piece. The boy wears a Golden State Warriors blue sweatshirt with gold/yellow graphic on the front.

Circling to Connect from Math Teachers' Circle Network

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Image of football goal post with football flying through it, layered over graph paper with an X & Y axis.

New York Times Opinion Piece: Finding Fun and Inspiration in Math

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A group of seven teens sit at a table with green and white checkerboards between them. They are moving and stacking small red plastic cups around the boards. There are four girls and three boys, two of the girls are wearing glasses.

The Santa Fe New Mexican: Making Math Fun

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A grid of six children and two adults on zoom screens smiling at the camera.

MAA Focus: Julia Robinson Festivals in a Virtual World

Press Release
A cartoon drawing of a blue and white boat on a field of aqua.

What 500 Attendees Learned at Our Crucero Matematico

Image is of a yellow weighing scale with two arms. On the left a blue plate holds a gold bar with a number 1 on it. On the right is a red plate with a gold bar and a 2 on it. The one is down lower than the plate with the two which is higher up.

Technology as Opportunity to Overcome Barriers in the Classroom

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A white spiral fractal on a black background. Text reads Powerful Mathematics, Perseverance through Productive Struggle, CMC North Going Virtual 2020

What the Best Mathematics Teachers Are Doing This Weekend