Published October 04, 2021 by Kim Burdett

Festival Spotlight: USGS, Mumbai

Screenshot of two students on Zoom call during the math festival.

The Utpal Shanghvi Global School in Mumbai, India hosted a Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival on Sat., Sept. 18 — the first of its kind in Maharashtra.

There were 210 participants in grades 4-6 connecting virtually and delighting in the discovery of math. A high school student led the charge, training 34 volunteers in 9th grade to run the festival.

Lively and interactive session. Games were quirky and engaging. Great combination of education and fun. - Parent

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Kim Burdett leads marketing and fundraising for the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF). An Ohio native, she loves the Buckeyes and cheese coneys. She is passionate about education and creative thinking, and enjoys puzzles, podcasts, pitbulls and Pi Day.

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