Published December 03, 2020 by CMC North, Rina Neiman

What the Best Mathematics Teachers Are Doing This Weekend

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Join JRMF on Saturday, December 5 and Sunday, December 6 from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PT at the 63rd CMC North (Virtual) Conference. Learn more about JRMF and enjoy a puzzle or two that you can share with friends and family after the session. You can register for these sessions here.

The California Mathematics Council (CMC) is a state-wide organization, comprised of 6,000 teachers, administrators, parents, and teacher-educators from California, 45 other states, Canada, Australia, and seven other foreign countries, who are committed to improving mathematics learning in the private and public classrooms throughout California, North America and the world.

Since COVID, JRMF has been able to transition into a digital organization. Our curated library of our favorite activities is provided free-of-charge on our website, and includes sequenced activity slides in English and Spanish as well as digital apps. Every week, we host interactive webinars in English and Spanish during which trained facilitators guide students through a new or updated activity. We have also started to offer webinars-on-request so that we can support private groups and communities in their mathematical explorations.

To learn more about JRMF visit or contact us at

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The California Mathematics Council (CMC) is a state-wide organization, with officers elected by the entire membership and a governing board appointed by the officers. The northern section serves educators from the northern California border with Oregon, south to Monterey. Read more about CMC North here.

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Rina Z. Neiman is a public relations professional, an event producer, and author. She published her first novel, Born Under Fire, in 2018. ​She has learned that there is no such thing as a “math person”. She loves word puzzles and aspires to be a mathlete.

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