Project Description


Lora Saarnio

Director Emerita

Lora Saarnio helps organizers across the US and internationally to prepare logistically and mathematically for upcoming festivals. She co-organized the first JRMF in China, India, and Ireland. Lora is also a math specialist for Grades 1-4 at The Nueva School ( in Hillsborough, CA, which is an internationally-recognized independent PreK-12 school, serving gifted and talented students. She also is on the faculty of Epsilon Camp (, a mathematics camp for students, 7-11 years old, who love math. Lora is actively involved with Math Circles — this past school year, she was a guest speaker for Stanford, Nueva, Santa Cruz, Synapse, New Dehli, and Bullis Charter School Math Circles. Recently, she won the Sarah D. Barder Fellowship, a national teaching award from Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.