JRMF really gets it right. Usually the best parts of mathematics are kept away from the public, as if you needed to be a mathematician to get to the fun stuff! It’s refreshing to see a festival that brings this stuff to light, and in such a relaxed atmosphere. If you’re lucky enough to have a JRMF near you, don’t miss it! It’s the best math party around.

Vi Hart, Mathemusician, youtube.com/user/ViHart

I am a math teacher in the UK and have recently stumbled upon your fantastic website. My classes and I are thoroughly enjoying all the investigations, particularly the interactive digital apps.

     I think your website is absolutely phenomenal. The care and thought that's gone into the design of each task is superior to any other resources I've found. 

     I love that each task is 'low floor, high ceiling', so initially accessible to all pupils of any ability but then offering greater depth and exploration for pupils who need that extra challenge. The feedback from the kids in my classes has been uniformly positive. They've all enjoyed the open-ended nature of the problems, and they have undoubtedly become stronger and more confident problem solvers as a result. Often they have gone away to continue the problems in their own time at home, which certainly doesn't happen with their regular homework tasks!

     The design of the digital apps is exceptional: so engaging, accessible and intuitive. They really bring to life each of the problems and encourage pupils to play around with different ideas without fear of failure. 

    I am so pleased to have discovered your website and have already recommended it to all the other teachers in my department. 

Dan Whelan, Head of JS Maths, Magdalen College School, Oxford, U.K.

The JRMF math resources, puzzles, and games that I use with my students are consistently engaging and thought-provoking. I am always looking for materials that have multiple entry points and focus more on the thinking process and less on one possible answer. Many of these activities also offer opportunities to explore “why” a pattern or solution works the way it does. Not only that, but they are actually fun and children ask to come back to them again and again because they are not "one and done" activities. If you are looking for high quality, multi-level, rich mathematical experiences for children, I highly recommend JRMF!

Maya Sissoko, Founder wholechildedu.com

The Julia Robinson Math Festival is one of our favorite events!

     We were first drawn to the festival by the engaging problem sets. Solving those (and writing up solutions) as a team was definitely a highlight of our homeschool club's year in 2007 and 2008. More valuable than the prizes awarded were the insights gained in math and the experience gained in teamwork.

     The current single day program provides something different than any other Bay Area math event. In a region where competition is intense, JRMF builds community rather than competition. Students of all abilities can take their time to explore topics in depth and be coached as needed in that process. The problem sets present a wide range of topics with a wide range of solution methods. Kids cooperate with their peers and also work alongside experts in math and CS. With it's cooperative environment, JRMF has the highest participation of girls in any coed math event I've seen. Julia Robinson would be honored!

   Thanks so much for making this experience possible for our kids.

Linda Burks, parent