What I liked most was my son having the chance to engage with others during this quarantine while also learning something! He has been pretty isolated by this COVID situation, and seeing him happy and engaged with the webinar and with the other participants made me feel so happy. He talked to one kid for a while even after the session was over and I appreciate the opportunity he had for doing that. We also had fun working on the math problem together and we are looking forward to the next one.

Estoy sorprendido que apenas lleven 10 semanas impartiendo los seminarios. Parecería que llevaran años haciéndolos. Ni mencionar la magia de dividir el chat por equipos y luego volver a unirlos.

I'm amazed that you've only been running the webinars for 10 weeks. It seems like you've been doing them for years. Not to mention the magic of splitting the chat into teams and then putting them back together.

Kids enjoy the different activities and the moderator is patient with them and helps them understand the problem nicely!!

THANK YOU again - JRMF is amazing in every possible respect!

The JRMF math resources, puzzles, and games that I use with my students are consistently engaging and thought-provoking. I am always looking for materials that have multiple entry points and focus more on the thinking process  and less on one possible answer. Many of these activities also offer opportunities to explore “why” a pattern or solution works the way it does. Not only that, but they are actually fun and children ask to come back to them again and again because they are not "one and done" activities. If you are looking for high quality, multi-level, rich mathematical experiences for children, I highly recommend JRMF!

A few weeks ago, I went to a Julia Robinson Math festival (JRMF) webinar. I got to work on an interesting math puzzle and in some ways, it was like an interactive math circle with a JRMF twist to it. I was then invited to help facilitate and become a summer intern at JRMF, and the webinars and the puzzles have been really interesting!

It was inspiring to see a child  in Panama invite 11 of his friends to his house to participate in the webinar. Hearing these 12 children express how much they enjoyed the session was immensely gratifying for me as a parent and facilitator.

Since joining JRMF, first as a participant, then facilitator and now a summer intern my son has become more focused and committed. He works diligently on his projects throughout the day and into the night. As a teenager, it can be challenging to communicate with him, but he’s often eager to share his projects and ideas. He’s also offered to teach me. I believe through his experience with JRMF, he’s grown tremendously and will continue on this successful, positive and empowering journey. Thank you JRMF. Kudos for the amazing opportunity you’ve given our youth!