THIS WEEK: Uncut Spaghetti

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In order to help families cope with the COVID-19 situation, the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF) is pleased to announce the launching of the JRMF Webinar Series. In this weekly series, we will explore the activities we use at our Festivals around the world. On Mondays, we will announce the activity we will be discussing during the webinars that week, which will be held on Thursdays. In order to serve our national and international communities, we will have three sessions of the same seminar every Thursday. During the initial phase of this series, Dr. Hector Rosario, JRMF’s Director of Outreach and Teaching, will be leading the English and Spanish versions of the webinar. However, community members lead our Zoom breakout rooms. Please reach out if you are interested in help lead a room. Contact us.

Below is information on our previous webinars for you.

To support us in bringing the joy of mathematics to hundreds of students and teachers around the world every week, please contact us at info@jrmf.org. We are happy to include your name or that of your organization, if you wish, in the launch video and acknowledge your generous contribution during the webinars.

This Week's Webinar sponsored by:

Week Nineteen: Trail Mix

Week Seventeen: Mousetrap

Week Sixteen: Farming Fiasco

Week Fifteen: Gerrymandering

Week Fourteen: Jigsaw Squares

Week Thirteen: Staircases

Week Twelve: Tiling Challenge

Week Eleven: Sum Free Ladybug

Week Ten: Nuggets for Sale

Week Nine: Squareland

Week Eight: Digit Sums and Graphs

Week Seven: Color Triangles

Week Five: Skyscrapers

Week Six: Blue Dot Solitaire

Week Four: Wolves and Sheep

Week One: Tower of Hanoi

Week Two: Lightbulbs

Week Three: Frogs and Toads

Week Eighteen: Squareland Architect

Week Twenty: Chameleon Island

Week 21: Pool Testing

For other joyful math online, visit https://mathcommunities.org/ and scroll down the page to view a calendar of online events.

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